Putnam County Cemeteries Listed by Township
This list includes only those cemeteries that have been located and have currently documented tombstones.
The cemeteries are listed by township then by section number. The coordinates are listed in degrees, minutes and seconds.
If we have restored the cemetery, that fact is noted. If we have read and photographed the cemetery, that fact is noted. 
We have also noted the number of individual tombstone photos we have taken and which are available digitally. 
If we did not read the cemetery ourselves, the readings are from old readings, most of which are from the records
of William Boatright and others on file at the Putnam County library.
Note that many of the cemeteries are located on private property. 
We have names and contact information for most of the Putnam County cemeteries.
See map of Putnam County Townships We
      We Have Read Number
View of Township Range  Section  DegMinSec DegMinSec Have And Have Of
Name (with alternate name, if known) Cemetery No. No. No. Latitude Longitude Restored Pictures Burials
Clinton Township
New Hope aka Hamilton Farm View 15N 5W 8 394546N 865905W   YES 8
Union Chapel View 15N 5W 9 394548N 865725W      
Gardner View 15N 5W 13 394414N 865418W   YES 2
Nutgrass  View 15N 5W 16 394423N 865812W YES YES 19
Newgent View 15N 5W 17 394412N 865914W   YES 6
Vandeveer View 15N 5W 18 394456N 870025W      
McCoy View 15N 5W 20 394400N 865908W   YES 2
Webb View 15N 5W 21 394353N 865808W   YES 4
Harrah View 15N 5W 25 394304N 865502W   YES 7
Clinton Falls View 15N 5W 28 394259N 865729W      
Mt. Vernon View 15N 5W 29 394223N 865835W   YES 10
Beech Grove View 15N 5W 30 394249N 870035W      
Bethel/Knauer Family Cemetery View 15N 5W 31 394222N 865944W   YES 2
Little Walnut View 15N 5W 34 394139N 865716W      
Gibson View 15N 5W 35 394134N 865540W      
Vermillion/Bethel Baptist View 15N 5W 36 394211N 865424W      
Cloverdale Township
Mt. Zion  View 12N 4W 2 393027N 864845W      
Doe Creek View 12N 4W 3 393002N 865027W      
McMurtry plot View 12N 3W 3 393051N 864334W   YES 2
Salem View 12N 4W 5 393054N 865315W      
Haddan/Hadden View 12N 3W 11 392922N 864241W      
Martin aka Eckles View 12N 3W 16 392845N 864542W      
Herbert View 12N 4W 17 392908N 865239W      
Chamberlain/Hill View 12N 4W 35 393135N 864932W      
Horn/Michael View 13N 3W 35 393104N 864227W   YES 11
Cloverdale  View 13N 3W 31 393056N 864727W      
Quinnette View 13N 3W 35 393138N 864323W   YES 4
Floyd Township
Palestine View 15N 3W 9 394515N 864530W YES YES 308
Mitchell View 15N 3W 9 394512N 864513W   YES 1
Groveland View 15N 3W 10 394537N 864343W   YES 221
Clear Creek View 15N 3W 14 394403N 864227W   YES 203
Wilson burial ground/Robert Case Farm View 15N 3W 16 394414N 864438W   YES 5
Wesley Chapel View 15N 3W 20 394330N 864555W   YES 239
Miller View 15N 3W 25 394238N 864146W   YES 39
Canaan View 15N 3W 25 394237N 864220W   YES 48
Millman View 15N 3W 26 394222N 864305W   YES 9
Robinson View 15N 3W 27 394224N 864333W   YES 2
Jent (Hopwood) (Enon) View 15N 3W 30 394244N 864710W   YES 5
Owen grave (Levi Owen) View 15N 3W 32 394204N 864641W   YES 1
Minter View 15N 3W 35 394202N 864248W   YES 24
Franklin Township
Harris View 16N 4W 2 395102N 864906W   YES 10
Hymer View 16N 4W 3 395134N 865007W YES YES 10
Daugherty/Young View 16N 4W 4 395135N 865132W YES YES 19
Dixon View 16N 4W 4 395129N 865055W YES YES 19
Fall gravesites/J. G. Fall Family View 16N 4W 5 395151N 865221W   YES 2
Grider View 16N 4W 7 395049N 865333W   YES 33
Miller View 16N 4W 15 394943N 865040W   YES 4
Johnathan Brown View 16N 4W 15 394920N 865023W   YES 1
Gillen View 16N 4W 16 394927N 865131W YES YES 8
Trail View 16N 4W 21 394856N 865146W   YES 6
Edwards View 16N 4W 22 394905N 865034W YES YES 23
Brown View 16N 4W 23 394904N 864908W YES YES 64
Payne (behind North Putnam High School) View 16N 4W 25 394729N 864736W   YES 16
Dodd View 16N 4W 27 394806N 865009W   YES 6
Hart View 16N 4W 28 394748N 865110W   YES 13
Pickle View 16N 4W 30 394757N 865336W YES YES 10
Underwood /Turner View 16N 4W 30 394754N 865315W   YES 24
Hartman View 16N 4W 33 394704N 865202W   YES 215
Shuee View 16N 4W 34 394653N 865012W YES YES 17
Greencastle Township
Benjamin Wilson View 14N 4W 1 394038N 864845W   YES 1
James View 14N 4W 1 394034N 864830W   YES 2
Browning/James View 14N 4W 12 394024N 864903W   YES 9
Hodge-Reeves View 14N 4W 12 394005N 864816W   YES 4
Blackstock/Hanna Street/Old Greencastle View 14N 4W 21 393823N 865200W      
Flatwood/Perseverence View 14N 4W 25 393713N 864806W      
Forest Hill View 14N 4W 28 393741N 865126W      
Jackson Township
Barnard/Mt. Olivet (old) View 16N 3W 1 395057N 864210W   YES 338
Barnard/Epperson (new) View 16N 3W 1 395105N 864203W   YES 45
Plunkett View 16N 3W 3 395118N 864435W   YES 6
Dean View 16N 3W 4 395122N 864436W YES YES 28
Jeffries grave View 16N 3W 5 395118N 864609W   YES 1
Epperson-Perkins View 16N 3W 7 395052N 864704W   YES 9
Roachdale/Lebanon View 16N 3W 8 395053N 864641W   YES 3611
Stewart children View 16N 3W 11 395031N 864241W   YES 7
Russell/McCloud View 16N 3W 13 394957N 864122W   YES 36
Barker Family Farm View 16N 3W 16 394924N 864511W   YES 12
Keck View 16N 3W 22 394837N 864400W YES YES 10
Biddle View 16N 3W 23 394910N 864236W   YES 19
New Maysville (old) View 16N 3W 26 394727N 864321W   YES 226
Case (east) View 16N 3W 27 394811N 864355W YES YES 11
Case (west) View 16N 3W 27 394814N 864425W   YES 8
Keith-Stringer View 16N 3W 28 394819N 864514W   YES 13
Chastain View 16N 3W 32 394636N 864606W   YES 29
Coffman View 16N 3W 32 394725N 864604W   YES 14
Job View 16N 3W 32 394725N 864604W   YES 47
Etcheson/Job View 16N 3W 32 394724N 864601W   YES 4
New Maysville (new) View 16N 3W 35 394725N 864322W   YES 698
Jefferson Township
McCamack View 13N 3W 2 393521N 864307W   YES 5
Jones/Methodist View 13N 3W 4 393535N 864511W   YES 28
Mill Creek View 13N 3W 11 393439N 864245W   YES 285
New Providence/Providence View 13N 3W 16 393354N 864508W   YES 779
Haddan   View 13N 3W 18 393336N 864736W   YES 4
Staley-Schultz View 13N 3W 25 393209N 864117W   YES 6
Allee/Broad Park View 13N 2W 8 393454N 864000W   YES 13
Walnut Chapel - New Part View 13N 2W 17 393351N 864009W   YES 262
Walnut Chapel - Old Part View 13N 2W 17 393355N 864009W   YES 273
Dorsett View 13N 2W 20 393314N 864011W   YES 12
Heavin-Lee View 13N 2W 30 393719N 864037W   YES 3
Madison Township
Hill/Wright View 14N 5W 3 394035N 865635W   YES 2
Long Branch   14N 5W 22 393846N 865714W      
Pleasant Hill View 14N 5W 23 393847N 865622W      
Oakalla View 14N 5W 26 393707N 865558W      
Carpenter   14N 5W 29 393751N 865936W   YES 4
Cole-Furney/Little Egypt View 14N 5W 34 393627N 865642W      
Marion Township
Smythe/Knetzer View 14N 3W 3 394028N 864405W      
Old Union View 14N 3W 5 394054N 864624W   YES 48
Fillmore View 14N 3W 9 394027N 864528W      
Lundsford/Smith/Storm View 14N 3W 10 394009N 864410W YES YES 10
Bethel Baptist View 14N 3W 11 393936N 864257W      
Shepherd View 14N 3W 12 394025N 864209W   YES 1
Liberty/Oliver View 14N 3W 14 393908N 864302W      
Bunten View 14N 3W 15 393852N 864354W      
Mt. Carmel View 14N 3W 16 393906N 864530W YES YES 220
Salem/Shoptaugh View 14N 3W 18 393911N 894727W   YES 5
Putnam County Home View 14N 3W 20 393805N 864557W      
Hudson View 14N 3W 25 393748N 864154W   YES 3
Broadstreet aka Morton/Broadstreet View 14N 3W 36 393632N 864158W   YES 10
Monroe Township
Pearcy View 15N 4W 1 394628N 864802W   YES 123
Collins View 15N 4W 3 394551N 865047W   YES 2
Farrow (Col. A. S. Farrow family) View 15N 4W 6 394557N 865313W   YES 23
Darnall View 15N 4W 6 394555N 865311W   YES 6
Badger View 15N 4W 8 394517N 865210W YES YES 14
Allen View 15N 4W 9 394503N 865130W   YES 1
Lane View 15N 4W 11 394509N 864922W   YES 8
Graves Family View 15N 4W 11 394521N 864937W   YES 8
Loyd View 15N 4W 11 394540N 864847W   YES 1
Bainbridge View 15N 4W 12 394538N 864756W YES YES 1461
Randall/Brown/Ford View 15N 4W 14 394442N 864902W   YES 36
Cassity View 15N 4W 15 394408N 865049W   YES 6
Priest/Claver View 15N 4W 16 394438N 865158W   YES 8
Priest View 15N 4W 23 394356N 864933W   YES 2
Stevens View 15N 4W 24 394336N 864742W   YES 1
Burress View 15N 4W 25 394219N 864809W   YES 1
Hillis-McCorkle View 15N 4W 26 394225N 864849W   YES 26
Brick Chapel View 15N 4W 28 394245N 865207W   YES 2969
Farrow View 15N 4W 30 394233N 865400W   YES 2
Call View 15N 4W 32 394136N 865247W YES YES 8
Mt. Pleasant View 15N 4W 34 394122N 865004W   YES 143
Bagan View 15N 4W 35 394156N 864944W   YES 1
Russell Township
LaFollette View 16N 5W 1 365139N 865449W   YES 180
Nicholas View 16N 5W 2 395146N 865538W   YES 8
Russellville View 16N 5W 5 395141N 865845W      
Durham View 16N 5W 5 395139N 865912W      
Nichols View 16N 5W 5 395108N 865904W   YES 2
Wilson View 16N 5W 7 395043N 870022W   YES 2
Hebron View 16N 5W 9 395019N 865752W      
Skillman View 16N 5W 12 395038N 865443W      
Pefley View 16N 5W 14 394941N 865546W   YES 8
Forgey View 16N 5W 17 394924N 865834W      
Blakesburg  View 16N 5W 24 394827N 865439W   YES 482
Conner/Moss View 16N 5W 25 394806N 865414W   YES 2
Sutherlin View 16N 5W 27 394826N 865649W   YES 79
Pisgah/Mt. Pisgah View 16N 5W 30 394805N 870021W      
Butcher  View 16N 5W 31 394708N 870023W   YES 3
Bridges View 16N 5W 36 394642N 865409W      
Warren Township
Gose View 13N 4W 1 393607N 864811W      
Read/Bead View 13N 4W 4 393549N 865116W      
Parks-Jenkins View 13N 4W 4 & 9 393516N 865157W      
Putnamville View 13N 4W 8 393430N 865218W      
Connely Grave View 13N 4W 9 393438N 865121W       
Bethel Methodist  View 13N 4W 10 & 11 393502N 864954W      
Deer Creek View 13N 4W 12 393424N 864818W   YES 394
Indiana State Farm/Boot Hill View 13N 4W 18 393333N 865329W   YES 29
Harrah View 13N 4W 24 393305N 864749W      
Williams/Reed View 13N 4W 29 393248N 865209W      
Harris View 13N 4W 30 393241N 865333W      
Washington Township
Boone-Hutcheson View 13N 5W 11 393513N 865550W      
Brown/Hamrick Station/Collins Farm View 13N 5W 12 393503N 865457W      
Reelsville View 13N 5W 16 393336N 865759W      
Lower Boone View 13N 5W 20 393309N 865913W      
Matkins (single grave behind Reelsville Post Office) View 13N 5W 21 393310N 865746W   YES 1
Osborne/Purcell View 13N 5W 21 393309N 865756W   YES 4
Manhattan View 13N 5W 23 393332N 865544W      
Funican/Hinote View 13N 5W 25 393239N 865522W      
Allen aka Job Farm View 13N 5W 28 393211N 865745W   YES 8
Barnett View 13N 5W 29 393241N 865857W   YES 20
Mullinix View 13N 5W 29 393213N 865917W      
Friend View 13N 5W 35 393106N 865600W   YES 8
Athey View 12N 5W 4 393010N 865743W YES YES 18
Matkins View 12N 5W 4 393023N 865738W      
Siner View 12N 5W 4 393038N 865824W   YES 1
Barnett/Johnson View 12N 5W 6 393027N 870051W   YES 2
Finley/Methodist View 12N 5W 6 393037N 870009W      
Croys Creek  View 12N 5W 6 393023N 870047W      
Grable/Rightsell/Rader   12N 5W 10 392927N 865716W      
Mace View 12N 5W 15 392838N 865742W      
McCullough/Stigler View 12N 5W 17 392837N 865924W      
Lost or destroyed cemeteries