Benjamin Wilson Cemetery
Greencastle Twp  
Section 1 
39 40 38N Latitude; 86 48 45W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
Go north out of Greencastle about two miles to Co Rd 200N. Turn right and follow 200N about three miles to Co Rd to 200E. Turn right and follow 200E about one mile. Just after crossing the big iron bridge (Pinhook Bridge), there is a driveway running south. Follow the driveway south about 100 yards then go west 100 yards across a ravine. At the top of the hill just before a fence there is a single tombstone lying on the ground.
Condition: Poor
There is one stone along the edge of a strip of woods just off a pasture. It appears the stone is not at the location of the grave. Owner indicates that several others around have told him there was a large cemetery in a pasture just across the fence to the west of the stone many years ago.
* = computed birth
Birth Death Age
Surname First Name Other inscriptions M D Y M D Y Y M D
WILSON Benjamin     * May 26 1787 May 22 1854 66 1 26