Haddan Cemetery
Cloverdale Twp
Section 11, Township 12N, Range 3W
39 29 22N Latitude; 86 42 41W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
Go east on US 42 at the south end of Cloverdale about four miles to Co Rd 750E. Go south on 750E about one half mile. There is a small white house on the left (east) side of the road with a pole barn type garage behind it, just before the road goes down a small hill. From the pole barn behind the house, go west through the pasture, following the fence row to your left, for about 100 yards. Then turn southeast and go across the branch and continue to the far southeast corner of the pasture. At this point the pasture meets a cultivated field. Cross the gate and go south along the fencerow about 50 yards, maybe a little more. The cemetery is on the left (east) in the woods just across the fence near the end of this fencerow.
Condition: Poor
Cemetery is in woods near the edge of a field. Several old trees have fallen across the stones. These trees need to be cut and removed. There are some standing trees that should also be removed before they die and fall. Area is not very large, probably 100 feet by 100 feet. There are about a dozen stones in this cemetery. Most are in good condition, but some need to be repaired and/or reset. 
* = computed birth
Birth Death Age
Surname First Name Other inscriptions M D Y M D Y Y M D
HADDAN Robert E.    * July 31 1776 Aug 22 1852 76 0 22
HADDAN Julia A.  w/o R.  * Dec 4 1807 June 25 1882 74 6 21
HADDAN Infant  s/o R. E. & J. A.         Oct 25 1834      
HADDAN Infant   s/o R. E. & J. A.         Apr 27 1833      
HADDAN Infant  d/o R. E. & J. A.         Mar 6 1843      
HOOD Infant  s/o Aaron W. & India A.         Dec 17 1876      
SARE Agnes  w/o Wm  * Jan 24 1782 Oct 9 1856 74 8 15