Putnam County Home Cemetery
Marion Township
Section 20
39 38 05N Latitude; 86 45 57W Longitude
Go east of Greencastle on US 240 to Co Rd 500E. Turn right on 500E and go south just a little bit to the County Home. From the County Home, go west into an old pasture about 100 yards. After crossing the small branch, go north to the top of the hill. There is a concrete post set in the ground, which the Matron stated some old timer set a few years ago to mark the approximate location of the old cemetery. Since most of the residents that died in the County Home were of meager means, there have not been any permanent stones erected. We do have a listing of interments which was provided by the County Home Matron
Condition: Poor
According to the County Home matron, someone erected a concrete post where the cemetery was. The stones are not in sight. This area needs to be mowed. Then we should look for stones to see if any exist.
List of individuals buried at the Putnam County Home burial ground.
Note that this is not a proper cemetery. The residents buried at the grounds of the County Home were 
generally without means. No tombstones or other monuments mark these graves.
List obtained from County Home matron 2005.
Listed in 1930  If so, computed
Census in  birthdate from
Surname First Name Date Admitted to County Home Date of Death County Infirmary? age in 1930 census
HENSLEY Abner   Oct 1 1933   Mar 20 1934   Y   1865
HESTER Thomas   Apr 1 1934   May 10 1934   Y   1859
KNOTT Frank   Apr 1 1935   July 4 1935   N    
WILLIAMS James   July   1936   July   1936   N    
BOWERS John   July   1936   Nov 28 1936   Y   1870
HUGHES John   Aug 1 1937   Oct 3 1937   Y   1860
STAGGS Daniel   Aug 1 1937   Oct 11 1937   N    
McCULLOUGH Thomas           Mar 2 1938   N    
BROWNING James   Jan 1 1938   Jan 2 1940   N    
GASTINEAU William           Nov 21 1940   N    
COVERDALE Harvey           Jan 31 1943   Y   1875
Note: listed as Harvey Cloverdale in some records. Actually should be Coverdale per census and other
official records