Clinton Township:

Wesleyan Church and Cemetery

Section 12. Go west of the Somerset Church on Co Rd 500N about three miles to where the road Ys. Take the road to the right (Morton Road). This road will angle northwest about mile, then turn due west. At this corner, there is clearly marked a Church and Cemetery in the 1879 Atlas, just off the road to the north. The road appears to be about the same now as it was in the 1879 Atlas. Based on the location of the cemetery and other landmarks marked in the 1879 Atlas, we can determine that the church and cemetery should be in the vicinity of 39o 44 15N Latitude 86o 54 45W Longitude.


Spurgin Cemetey

There is an old reading in Green notebook files at the Putnam County Library. There was a Spurgin that owned property in Sections 31 and 32 in the 1879 Atlas. Note that we found the McCoy Cemetery, which should be near this one and contains the grave of a Spurgin child. A neighbor indicated that he remembers a small clump of walnut trees in the approximate location of 39o 43 49N Latitude 86o 59 59W Longitude in the 1960's that was farmed around and very likely had three or four tombstones. According to this neighbor, the stones have likely been moved to the south end of this cultivated field.


Claver Cemetery

There is an old reading in the green notebook files at the Putnam County Library. It said there was one stone that was in several pieces in Sec 12 of Clinton Township. The directions say 80 rods, but they didnt say from where or in which direction. This old reading was not dated and there is no indication of who made the reading. Based on the age of the paper, the reading was probably done in the 1950s or 1960s. The property owner indicated that several people have tried to find this cemetery based on this old reading, with no success. We could not find it either.



Cloverdale Township:

Fislar Farm Cemetery

There are several old references to a few graves in Section 15 of Township 4N, Range 3W on the Fislar Farm. The property owners stated that several people have looked for the cemetery without luck and they haven't seen it in the 50 plus years they have owned the place. They were told it consisted of one or two old stones.


Reeves Cemetery

This cemetery was moved to Cunot when the Cagles Mill Dam was constructed. The area is now under water. The cemetery was marked in the 1879 Atlas, and based on the location marked and on landmarks marked on that map and on current readings, we have determined the former cemetery to be in the vicinity of 39 o 28 45N Latitude 86o 53 50W Longitude.



Floyd Township:

Eberle Cemetery

Historical records indicate a village was laid out in the early or mid 1800s about one mile north of Fillmore in Section 32 of Floyd Township called Eberle. This town missed the railroad by about a mile and was not developed to any extent. But there are some burial records for individuals citing the Eberle Cemetery. Based on the location of the village marked on historical maps, the cemetery was probably in the general vicinity of 39 o 41 35N Latitude 86o 46 03W Longitude. Several individuals have stated this cemetery was destroyed and the headstones were thrown into the dam when a pond was constructed many years ago on the old Day place.


Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Several individuals have stated there was once a church and cemetery in Section 10 or 15 of Floyd Township just west of the intersection of County Roads 600N and 600E, about one mile southeast of Groveland. Several of these individuals stated they could only remember the foundation of the old church, but the tombstones were in fact standing in their youth. According to their statements, the farmer bulldozed the tombstones into the northeast corner of this field. We have examined the area, and it does in fact look like some dirt has been bulldozed into this area, but we could find no tombstones. The general location of this area is 39 o 44 46N Latitude 86o 44 27W Longitude.


Stobaugh Cemetery

From the intersection of Co Rd 400N and 575E, go west about 1/8 mile. There is a lane runnng through the fields going south. Follow this lane south to the woods. Several individuals have stated there were some tombstones just west of the end of the lane. These individuals stated that the farmer bulldozed the stones south out of the field along the fencerow. Someone has said there may be a stone or two leaning against a fence near this area. We have found references in historical records of the Stobaugh family and a graveyard on their farm. We also found the location of a homestead marked on property owned by the Stobaugh family in the 1879 Atlas. Based on our calculations, we feel the cemetery is in the general vicinity of 39 o 42 49N Latitude 86o 45 25W Longitude. We have examined the area, and it does in fact look like some dirt has been bulldozed into this area, but we could find no tombstones.



Franklin Township:

Batman Cemetery

Historical records indicate the possible existence of a graveyard on the old Batman farm in Section 33. This farmstead and possible cemetery should be northeast of the corner of Co Rd 810N and Co Rd 25W. The property owner has denied us access to search for this possible cemetery.


Unknown Cemetery

Several individuals have stated there might be an old abandoned cemetery about one mile south of Carpentersville on the east side of the railroad tracks. We have searched the area and have located a pile of fieldstones that might have been used as cemetery markers at one time at approximately 39 o 47 58N Latitude 86o 48 28W Longitude. We cant confirm these stones were actually used as grave markers.



Greencastle Township:

Drew Cemetery

There was a Drew family cemetery in Section 15. The graves of Matthais, Elizabeth and Joseph Drew were moved to Forest Hill and this cemetery no longer exists.


Greencastle Street Department

Several individuals have taken about a half dozen tombstones from various locations in the county that they felt were in danger of being destroyed to the Greencastle Street Department garage for safekeeping. We are not able to ascertain the original location for these tombstones.



Jackson Township:

Crowe Cemetery

Several individuals have indicated the existence of an old abandoned cemetery in Section 5 about one mile northeast of Roachdale. According to the property owner, the farm has been in family for many generations and his grandfather showed him the location where there were two wooden crosses which are now long gone which marked the graves of two young girls named Crowe.



During our research, we noted the existence of a cemetery in Section 35 which is clearly marked as "graveyard" in Plat Book 112 page 563 and 559. This graveyard is along a fencerow about one half mile east of the intersection of Co Rd 800 N and 650E, about 100 yards north of the road. The approximate location is 39 o 46 39N Latitude 86o 43 24W Longitude. With the property owners permission, we have searched this area, but have not yet been able to locate any grave markers.




Jefferson Township:

Mt. Meridian

Several old timers have indicated there was a cemetery at one time about 100 yards west (or maybe east) of the old Mt. Meridian School that a farmer bulldozed out years ago. The school is long gone, but I think I have located it in the 1879 Atlas map of Mt. Meridian. If my calculations are correct, the old cemetery would have been near the general area of 39o 36 02N Latitude 86o 45 22W Longitude.


Madison Township

Tucker Cemetery

Several records indicate the one-time existence of a cemetery in Section 1 called Tucker. We have not found any old readings or been able to find any other information. The 1879 Atlas indicates several different Tuckers lived in this area, so it is possible there was a cemetery somewhere in this area at one time that contained some Tuckers burials.



There is said to be an old cemetery in Section 30 down a lane northwest of the intersection of Co Rd 300S and 800W. We have not been able to find this cemetery.


Unknown Sec 30

An individual stated there was a cemetery in the middle of the 38 acre tract in the southwest corner of section 30. This property is owned by two sisters form Parke County. This individual stated he and his father witnessed this family remove and destroy these tombstones and that his father was very upset by this. Based on the statements of this individual and our calculations, the general location of this cemetery should be near 39o 37 05N Latitude 87o 00 28W Longitude and the stones were bulldozed to the vicinity of 39o 37 20N Latitude 87o 00 21W Longitude. It is possible this is the Morlan cemetery mentioned above.



Russell Township:

Landes Cemetery

This cemetery has been marked in Section 14 in the 1879 Atlas and on the current county road maps. Several individuals have stated they have seen tombstones at the location marked. Someone has marked this cemetery at 39o 49 57N Latitude 86o 55 23W Longitude, which is consistent with the location that several individuals have stated they have seen marked tombstones lying on the ground. The site overlooks Raccoon Creek and is a plausible burial site. We have searched this area and have not been able to find anything. The site is about one half mile east of the end of Co Rd 475W about two miles east of Russellville off of US 236. There is virtually no way this area can be located without a GPS devise.


Tague Cemetery

The Tague Cemetery had been mentioned in older records as being in Section 14 of Russell Township. The 1879 Atlas shows that Jonathan Tague owned about 80 acres near the end of current Co Rd 475W, just south of Raccoon Creek. The 1879 Atlas shows a mill and a wooden bridge in the area, but no cemetery. This location is very near the Landes Cemetery. The Tague Cemetery may be near the Landes Cemetery, or it is possible the Tague Cemetery and the Landes Cemetery are one and the same. Or it is just as possible that it was so old and unrecognizable as a cemetery that it has been torn out.


Warren Township

Brown Cemetery

The tombstone of William Brown, a Revolutionary War Soldier, was formerly located in Section 6 but was moved to the Putnamville Cemetery a number of years ago. But several individuals indicated this was more or less a ceremonial thing and that only the tombstone and a little bit of surrounding dirt was moved. These individuals indicated they had seen this tombstone before it was moved and that there were in fact other older tombstones in the area which have not been moved.