Harris Cemetery
Warren Twp
Section 30
39 32 41N Latitude; 86 53 33W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
Go south of Putnamville on US 243 for about three miles to Co Rd 900S. Go west on 900S about one mile to the first road to the right, which is Co Rd 250W. Go north on this road for about three quarters of a mile. The road will cross a small bridge. After this first bridge, there is a drive going to the east up a hill to a house with a metal barn behind it. Go to the barn and walk down the fencerow behind this barn for about 200 yards east. The fence will stop at a north south fence. Follow this fence north for about 200 yards.  The fence will curve to the east again, near an old mobile home. At this point continue due north for another 100 yards or so to another east/west fence. This fence marks the south boundary of the Indiana State Farm. There are several old tombstones north and south of this fence. It is about 50 yards east of corner where the east/west fence stops and the fence turns north before going down a steep hill. Take  a GPS devise with you.
Condition: Poor
Cemetery consists of about a dozen very old stones on both sides of a fence. The area should be cleaned. There appear to have been several more stones in the area that someone has used as a border for a nearby campfire.
This is a very old cemetery. The stones are all field stones, none of which contain legible markings.
Info provided by property owner:
His father had told him that he had heard the individuals buried here were traveling west by covered wagon.
The whole group fell ill and many died. This may account for such large number of very old stones.