Harrah Cemetery aka Peck Cemetery
Warren Township
Section 29
39 33 05N Latitude; 86 47 49W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
Go north of Cloverdale on US 231 about one mile to Co Rd 800S. Go east on 800S for about one mile. The road will make an S curve to the right and then left again. This is the Warren/Jefferson township line. There is a lane going north, with a field to the left and a fence and to the right. Follow this lane north about mile. It will curve left and continue west up a hill to the woods, where you will find the cemetery.
Condition: Good
Cemetery is being maintained.
* = computed birth
Birth Death Age
Surname First Name Other inscriptions M D Y M D Y Y M D
PIERCY George b. Bath Co., KY   Dec 19 1801 Jan 29 1842      
PIERCY Sally Moor consort of George   Apr 21 1797 Sept 12 1839      
JONES Eliza Ann     Jan 12 1815 Dec 21 1848      
READ Martha w/o James "in her 63rd year" * about   1766 Aug   1829 63    
GROVE Jane Bowles w/o Wendel       1789 Feb 10 ??      
NEWTON Leonre May d/o L. W. & M. A. * Jan   1863 Nov 10 1863   10  
READ Jeplithal s/o James   Feb 1 1813 Apr 2 1832      
PIERCY Jacob Allen s/o George Pierce "Killed by falling tree"         Mar 8 1849      
McGINNISS James T. s/o Reuben & Lucinda * July 4 1824 Aug 18 1843 19 1 14
McGINNISS Samuel   Jan 8 1792 June 8 1844      
McGINNISS Mary w/o Samuel * May 21 1798 June 18 1844 61    
McGINNISS Joseph s/o J. S. & M. (stone broken)   about   1820            
McGINNISS Nancy     Dec 10 1830 Dec 15 1863      
The McGinniss family is buried west of the main cemetery. Some consider the McGinnis cemetery to be separate
from the Harrah Cemetery, which is sometimes called the Peck cemetery.
Jacob Allen Piercy was husband of Nancy Ann Parks. She is buried in Iowa
Mary McGinnis was the daughter of Jacob Piercy, a Rev. Soldier buried in the Cloverdale Cemetery.