Stevens Cemetery
Monroe Twp
Section 24
39 43 36N Latitude; 86 47 42W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
Near the south end of Bainbridge, just north of the Elementary School, Oak Street goes east from the Christian Church. Follow this road as it goes east, then through some S curves, then turns to the south. After about one mile, the road will curve to the left (east). Continue for about mile to the intersection of 500N and 300E. Go south on 300E for about mile. Just south of the green barns and a silo, there is a small house on the west side of the road. Go into the field west of this house and go southwest to the first ravine. About halfway down this ravine going south, there is one tombstone leaning against a tall cedar tree on the east side of the ravine. A GPS devise would be of assistance in finding this tombstone
Condition: Fair
There is one stone leaning against a tree in a wooded area near a field. If we can find where the stone belongs, it should be reset. Otherwise, it is not hurting anything right where it is.
Birth Death Age
Surname First Name Other inscriptions M D Y M D Y Y M D
STEVENS Thomas     Jan 15 1806 Oct 8 1856 50 8 23