Restoration of Call Cemetery

Monroe Township

Putnam County, Indiana

November 2002


Larry Tippin and Joe Case performed a partial restoration of the Call cemetery November 1, 2002. Mr. Case is a descendant of the Call family buried here. This cemetery had become overgrown with mature trees and undergrowth. At the request of the property owner, we also removed the fence on the north side of the cemetery.


After cleaning the area, we found a total of seventeen stones, eight of which we could read. We put surveyor’s flags by the newly located stones. Some were at ground level, or under several inches of topsoil. We reset the stones as best as we could.  There are two stones at the far south side of the cemetery, just before the land drops off to the ravine. Based on the location of stones and the manner in which the graves are laid out, it is my opinion that there are about 10-20 more burials here than there are stones.


We photographed the stones and documented the inscriptions. We also mapped the cemetery and documented the condition of the stones. There are several more stones that are lying on the ground or leaning against trees that could be reset in the future.


View photos of the partial restoration of the Call cemetery:

Before restoration

Before restoration looking south

After restoration looking east from NW corner

After restoration looking east from south end

After restoration looking SW from NE corner

After restoration looking west from NE corner



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