Restoration Pickle Cemetery

Franklin Township


On May 23, 2004, Sheila Morrison, Jessica Felix and Larry Tippin started restoration of the Pickle Cemetery. Also helping was Amy Terry, a descendant of the Pickle family buried in this cemetery.


This cemetery is located on private property. It is situated 39 47 57N Latitude; 86 53 36W Longitude about ¼ mile south of Fincastle on US 231 on the east side of the road. The property owner met us at the cemetery and discussed our restoration plans.





We straightened and repaired the stone of Jacob Pickle. This stone is the second stone east of the southeast corner of the cemetery. Jacob was the son of Jacob and Nancy Pickle, who are buried in the southeast corner of the cemetery. This monolith type stone was leaning badly to the south. We lifted the monolith from the stone with a tripod and nylon straps. We then removed the square middle stone piece. This piece has the inscription for Jacob Pickle and his birth and death dates. We then used the tripod to lift he base. We used sand to create a firm and level area, then reset the base. We then placed the square piece of stone we previously located outside this cemetery. We then set the middle piece of the stone and finally reset the monolith. We attached the monolith to the middle piece with a properly approved stack mix.


Note that while digging to level the ground under the base for Jacob Pickle’s stone, we found an intact slotted base that appears to be for an adult sized slab stone. When we return to the cemetery, we plan to attempt to locate a slab stone in the area that fits this slotted base. We previously located all of the bases for the other slab type stones in this cemetery, so this must be a stone not yet found.


We then reset the small monolith stone in the northwest corner of the cemetery. This stone contains the inscriptions for Josiah Dyer and James and Joseph Hulse. James and Joseph Hulse were sons of William I and Julia A. (Pickle) Hulse. Julia was the daughter of Jacob and Nancy (Bundrant) Pickle. Josiah Dyer was Julia’s second husband. We were able to raise the low end of the base with a bar. We then put sand under the base and got it good and level. We then reset the monolith on top of the base.


At that time it started to rain heavily. We were just able to gather our equipment before getting drenched. We plan to return to the cemetery in the near future to repair the three broken slab stones.





On June 5, 2004, Sheila Morrison, Amy Terry and Larry Tippin finished the restoration of the Pickle Cemetery. This was a beautiful day, with no threat of inclement weather that befell our group during our earlier restoration efforts.


We reset and repaired the tablet stones of Henry Pickle, Rachel Pickle and Olive Stultz. We also reset the various footstones that were out of the ground. In addition, we replaced and repaired the decorative top piece of the stone of the monolith for Jacob and Nancy Pickle.


This cemetery has now been restored as close as possible to its original condition. The owner is interested in maintaining the cemetery. We will check on this cemetery in the future to determine any future restoration needs.


Amy was able to obtain a military marker for her ancestor Jacob Pickle who is buried in this cemetery. Jacob Pickle was a veteran of the war of 1812. We set the new military stone north of the original stone for Jacob Pickle.


View Photos of Restoration of the Pickle Cemetery:


Looking east before restoration

Jacob Pickle stone being reset

After restoration looking east

Pickle cemetery restored


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