Wilson Cemetery
Russell Twp
Section 7
39 50 43N Latitude; 87 00 22W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
The Wilson Cemetery is about 200 yards east of the Putnam/Parke County Line on the north side of US 236. There is an entry through a hay field on US 236. Go into the field, then about 100 yards north, and a little bit east. The cemetery is under a big maple tree just north of where the field meets the woods. There are two legible stones, and about 6-8 fragments. Several of the fragments have dates or parts of a name.
Condition: Poor
Cemetery is in a sparsely wooded area just off a field. The stones are laying flat on the ground, leaning against a tree and generally scattered about. The stones should be repaired and reset to the extent possible. The area should be searched for more stones.
* = computed birth
Birth Death Age
Surname First Name Other inscriptions M D Y M D Y Y M D
WILSON John     * Sept 13 1781 Apr 9 1852 70 6 28
WILSON Sarah  w/o John (stone broken, can't read all of age)         Apr 3 1870   10  
  Infant s/o _ M. &. P. (stone broken, probably Wilson)                      
  Footstone W. M. W.                      
  Partial Stone                 33 5  
  Partial Stone, age 4 or 4_ days                      
  Partial Stone, died __ 24, 18__                      
  Partial Stone, died March __                      
Excerpt from Putnam County Sesquicentennial, page 342:
An early Wilson family cemetery is located in the southwest quarter of section six of Russell Township.
Here were buried William M., son of J. and S. Wilson on September 18, 1834. 
The old pioneer, John Wilson 1781-1852, was buried here. Caroline, 1821-1854, wife of Michael Wilson,
and Mary J., 1829-1861, a daughter of M. and J. Wilson were also buried in this family plot with a few others.