Priest/Claver Cemetery
Monroe Twp
Section 16
39 44 38N Latitude; 86 51 58W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
Go north of the Somerset Church on US 231 for about one mile. On the right (east) will be a stately two story home with a barnlot and grain bins. Go through the barnlot and past the grain bins going east about 300 yards to the northeast corner of the pasture. There will be a pair of metal gates leading into the field to the north. Cross these gates and follow the fencerow north, with the fence to your left and the field to your right. After about 200 yards, the fence will drop down towards a small ravine. Just south of this point, there are several tombstones lying on the ground, on the east side of the fence.
Condition: Poor
The cemetery is in a fencerow near a field. We cut the sapling trees growing among the stones and found several stones which were not in previous listings. It wouldn’t hurt to look for more stones. The area should be mowed every few years to keep the sapling trees down. The stones were probably in the field at one time. It wouldn’t hurt to reset the stones, but it might be impossible to determine their original location. It might be best to reset the stones in a row near the fence. That way, they will at least be standing.
Read about partial restoration of this cemetery.
* = computed birth
Birth Death Age
Surname First Name Other inscriptions M D Y M D Y Y M D
PRIEST Fielding     Masonic Marker * Mar 20 1786 Sept 29 1858 72 6 9
PRIEST Mary E.  d/o R. N. & L. A.  * Dec 24 1853 Nov 9 1857 3 10 16
PRIEST William W.  s/o F. &. N.  * July 23 1836 Oct 31 1839 3 3 8
PRIEST Luther D.  s/o F. &. N.  * Dec 4 1836 Oct 31 1839 2 10 27
PRIEST Thomas L.  s/o F. & N.  * Mar 7 1826 Mar 24 1844 18 0 17
CLAVER Elizabeth F.  d/o F. & N. Priest  * Aug 21 1824 July 22 1843 18 11 1
CLAVER Mary A.  d/o J. & E. (age about 2-3 years)       1841 Oct 1 1843      
UNKNOWN Unknown  stone broken - may be Lewis C. Priest   Nov 15 1838 June 21 1864 25 7 6