Badger Cemetery
Monroe Twp
Section 8
39 45 17N Latitude; 86 52 10W Longitude
This cemetery is on private property. Obtain permission from property owner before visiting this cemetery.
Go south of US 36 on US 231 for one mile. As US 231 comes to the top of a small hill, there will be a lane to the left (east). Follow this lane about mile past some old farm buildings to a ravine. Go north through the woods. There will be a ravine to your left. The cemetery is north about 200 yards into the woods, just before a fence.
Condition: Good
We restored this cemetery 2003. Since this cemetery is in deep woods, there will be ongoing maintenance necessary.
Read about restoration of the Badger Cemetery.
The number at left corresponds with the map of the cemetery.
* = computed birth
Birth Death Age
Surname First Name Other inscriptions M D Y M D Y Y M D
1 PRIEST Mary A. d/o D. B & Nancy * Dec 4 1851 Oct 9 1852 0 10 5
2 UNKNOWN Unknown Unidentified headstone                    
3 YEATES Nannie W. w/o S. N. * Aug 24 1829 Nov 9 1851 22 2 16
4 UNKNOWN Unknown                      
5 YEATES David Badger s/o W. & D. (stone broken)   Sept 18 1852 Aug 1 1853      
6 YEATES Sarah Wilson d/o W. & D. (stone broken)   Oct 20 1848 Sept 3 1849      
7 YEATS Charles Buchanan s/o W. & D.   July 12 1850 July 20 1850      
8 BADGER David     July 6 1777 Apr 4 1848      
9 CHAMBERS Uriel B.     Mar 3 1813 Sept 10 1839      
10 PRIEST Infant s/o C. L. & Frances - no dates "sweetly sleeping"                    
  PRIEST Infant no dates                    
11 GOODBAR Mary F. w/o D. C.   Dec 8 1831 Jan 23 1850      
12 UNKNOWN Unknown Unidentified stone                    
13 UNKNOWN Unknown Unidentified base, doesn't match any other stone                    
14 PRIEST Leah w/o H. B.   Aug 9 1827 Dec 11 1862      
14 PRIEST Mary F. d/o H. B. & L. (same stone as Leah)   Aug 26 1850 July 30 1851      
14 PRIEST Chrysty V. d/o H. B. & L. (same stone as Leah)   Jan 27 1857 Sept 13 1858      
15 PRIEST William s/o D. B. & N. * Mar 29 1860 Dec 6 1860 0 8 7
16 BEDFORD Wm Henry s/o V. & M. A. * Jan   1852 Aug 19 1853   19  
Note: Stones 5 & 6 were located in creekbed at bottom of ravine. Stone 6 was growing in a tree. It was cut out and
that stone, and stone 5 were placed just south of David Badger. There is no way to tell where they were originally located.
Stone 7 of Charles B. Yeats was originally at location A on map. It was moved since it was close to edge of ravine.
Other interesting facts:
The name Wade was in the lower right hand portion of the stone of Mary R. Goodbar, presumably the stonecarver.
The name E. D. Dyer, Gosport, Ind., was in the lower right hand portion of the stone of Uriel B. Chambers, presumabely the stonecarver.
Genealogy information:
David Badger's wife was Elizabeth (Betsy) Miller. Not sure where she is buried. She may be one of the unidentified stones.
The infant sons Priest were the sons of Corbin Lewis and Frances (Badger) Priest, who was the daughter of David & Betsy Badger.
Charles B. Yeats was the son of Wilson W. & Dulcina (Badger) Yeats, who was the daughter of David & Betsy Badger.
The unidentified son and daughter Yeates also appear to be children of William W. & Dulcina (Badger) Yeats.
Uriel B. Chambers was the husband of Catherine Badger, who was a daughter of David & Betsy Badger.
Not sure where Catherine (Badger) Chambers is buried, she may be one of the unidentified stones.
Mary A. Priest was a daughter of David B. & Nancy (Nelson) Priest. David was a son of Lewis Corbin & Frances (Badger) Priest
William Priest was also a son of David B. & Nancy (Nelson) Priest.
Horace B. Priest married Leah Guntle May 24, 1849 in Montgomery County, Indiana
He was a son of Lewis Corbin & Frances (Badger) Priest & brother to the two infant sons buried here.
Also brother to George Priest who is buried about three miles southeast of the Badger Cemetery.
Leah Priest buried here is his wife, not sure where he is buried. Mary F and Chrysty V are their children.
Not sure who Mary Goodbar is.
No idea who Wm Henry Bedford might be.
Another daughter of David & Betsy Badger was Nancy, who married Fielding Priest. They are buried at the
Priest/Claver cemetery one mile south of here. Their daughter Elizabeth married John Claver, and they are
also buried at the Priest/Claver cemetery.
Fielding Priest's parents were George & Sarah D. (Lane) Priest, who are buried at the Priest Cemetery
about three miles southeast of the Badger cemetery.