Analysis of Stones Located at South End
The following stones were located at the south end of the cemetery scattered along the edge of the woods:
Birth Death Y M D
WILSON Sally Bell d/o John & Sarah (computed birth) Jan 27 1857 Nov 24 1859 2 9 28
BUNTEN George s/o A. H. & L. A. (computed birth) Oct 1 1854 Aug 21 1855 0 10 20
HUNTER Isaphena w/o Samuel D. (computed birth) Jan 4 1811 Feb 4 1835 24 1 0
BRANN William "of Butler Co. Ohio" (computed birth) Mar 26 1809 July 31 1857 48 4 5
BRANN Richard "of Westmoreland Co. Va." (computed birth) Oct 12 1779 Mar 28 1854 74 5 16
BRANN Charlotte G. w/o R. L. (computed birth) Oct 22 1816 Apr 25 1860 43 6 3
BRANN Sarah S. A. d/o R. & L. (no death date) Apr 10 1862
BRANN Mary A. d/o R. & L. (no death date) Aug 31 1863
DUNCAN Sarah A. w/o W. W. (computed birth) Aug 19 1834 Sept 16 1860 26 0 28
BOWMAN Partial Stone: Lydia d/o L. & M. M. Apr 19 1862 7
Partial Stone - dates only 16 6 23
Footstone I. G. W.
Footstone G. G. B.
Footstone E. T.
Footstone M. E. B.
Footstone M. W.
Footstone W. B. B.
Footstone M. A. K. B.
Footstone J. H. H.
Footstone S. D. H.
Footstone S. F. D.
Broken stone in base
About 10 - 15 illegible footstones
Sally Bell Wilson: 
There is only one other Wilson in this cemetery, Sarah P. Wilson who is buried in the far southwest corner. 
Sarah P. Wilson was born 1840 and died 1904, so it is very likely she is the mother of Sally Bell Wilson.
It would be logical to place Sally Bell Wilson's stone north of Sarah P. Wilson's.
George Bunten:
George Bunten was the son of Andrew Harrison Bunten and Lucy Ann (Evans) Bunten, stone 120.
It is very likely his stone was near his parents.
Isaphena Hunter:
Isaphena Hunter was the first wife of Samuel Hunter, stone 107 and the mother of Isaphena Hunter, stone 105.
There is a space between those stones just about right for one more burial. It was deemed appropriate to place 
to place the stone of Isaphena Hunter between her husband and her daughter.
William Brann:
This was the original stone for William Brann, stone 114. It is likely this stone was discarded when the new stone
was erected. Due to its historical signifance, it was deemed appropriate to set this stone to the south of
William Brann's new stone.
Daughter Bowman, partial stone:
This is a very small stone fragment. We could not locate the rest of this stone. A previous reading listed Lydia Bowman,
d/o L. & M. M. bowman, death date April 19, 1862 was a lost stone. Apparently this stone was read at one time many 
years ago, and this stone could not be found when read several years ago. Because the previous reading was 
alphabetical only, and there was no attempt to map the stones in the cemetery, we cannot determine where this 
stone should be placed. But it is very likely it should be with the other children of Leonard and Mary Bowman, stones 87 & 88.
Partial Stone, dates only:
This was a pretty good sized stone which was broken off just above the age, which is 16 years, 6 months and
23 days. An analysis of other stones in the cemetery indicates there were no other individuals with the same age.
There is no way to tell where this stone was of, or where it should go, unless more of the stone can be located.
Footstone I. G. W.:
This is probably the footstone for Isabel G. Weatherly, stone 109.
Footstone G. G. B.:
This does not match anyone in the cemetery. If it is actually C. G. B, it could be Charlotte G. Brann, which
is listed in the most recent reading as being a lost stone.
Footstone E. T.:
This could be the footstone for Eli Tarbutton, stone 60. It does not match anyone else in the cemetery.
Footstone M. E. B.:
This could be the footstone for Mary Etta Bowman, stone 43. It does not match anyone else in the cemetery.
Footstone M. W.:
This does not match any stones in the cemetery. It could be the footstone for Martha Warren, which is 
listed in the most recent reading as being a lost stone.
Footstone W. B. B.:
This could be the footstone for William B. Bowman, stone 57. It does not match anyone else in the cemetery.