Note: Sarah Hill was a sister of Benjamin Wright, Jr. and aunt of Wellington Wright.
Her husband Thomas Hill is buried at Vincennes, Ind. Their only child I know of is
Rebecca (Hill) Wells, who is buried in Iowa.
Her daughter Celia Wells married William H. Wright, son of Zebider Wright, who
was a son of Benjamin Wright Jr, and Mary "Polly" Wright.
Wellington Wright was a son of Benjamin Wright Jr. and Mary "Polly" Wright.
The partial stone is of Mary "Polly" (Hill) Wright, wife of Benjamin Wright Jr. and mother
of Wellington Wright. She was believed to have been born Apr 4, 1800 & died Sept 30, 1845.
After her death, Benjamin Wright Jr. remarried and moved to Illinois. He died 1866 and 
is buried in Cumberland Co., Illinois.
Benjamin Wright Jr. and Polly had 14 children, most of whom eventually settled in Oregon.
The children that remained in Putnam County were:
William, who died in 1906 and is buried at Pleasant Hill;
Cynthia, who married Bob Denny and is buried at Mr. Carmel near Fillmore.