There are a couple of traditions regarding cemeteries which are most interesting and helpful in understanding the location of the markers and the relationships of the deceased.
1. The deceased is usually interred with the feet facing east. The tradition is that on Resurrection Day you want to be able to rise to meet the rising sun.
2. The wife is usually buried to the left of the husband. This is because that is the way they are standing at the altar. Since most stones are read from the west (facing east), the wife is usually on the north side. Exceptions are made when the wifeís family is buried to the south of the couple, in which case the wife might be buried south of the husband. Or sometimes a couple married many years might want to be buried the way they rested in their bed, or for other personal reasons. But it is rare when the wife is not buried to the north of the husband.
If you are trying to find someone in a cemetery, it is useful to have a compass. If you are standing at a marker and are facing the inscriptions, you are probably facing east. North is to your left, and you will normally find the wife at the left of the husbandís stone. If the wife is on the right (south), there is a pretty good chance you will find her family is south of their stone.