New Maysville Cemetery 
Larry Tippin
The New Maysville Cemetery lies just east of New Maysville, Jackson Twp., Putnam Co., Ind
near the intersection of County Roads 900N & 700E
39 47 30N Latitude; 86 43 15W Longitude
There are about 1,000 individuals buried in this cemetery.  This is an active cemetery, with
room for many more burials. So the information contained here will change over the years. 
To make this book manageable, the cemetery is divided into five sections, as follows:
Old Part - on the north side of the road
East - east of drive in new section on south side of road
Middle - middle part of the new section on south side of road
West - west of drive in new section on south side of road
South - southern most part of new section on south side of road
The information in this book is organized as follows:
Index - contains a listing of all individuals in this cemetery, sorted alphabetically. The left 
column contains a legend telling you in which of the five sections the individual is buried.
Each of the five sections of this book contains these parts:
Listing - includes a listing of individuals buried in that part. 
The first column corresponds to the rows in the map.
The second column correlates to the number on the map for that individual.
Except in the old part, the next three columns correspond to the Range, Block and Plat.
The Plat number is then further described as to the side or quarter section.
Then the number in that side of the Plat is given, generally reading from south to north.
The next set of information contains readings from the stone. 
Map - refer to the section describing the maps for more information.
Info - contains info for individuals in that section taken from research. 
There are also have digital photos of the stones in this cemetery. The photos are organized in much
the same way as these files. They are divided up into the sections mentioned here, and
include the number and name of the individual(s) on the stone.
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