Info on Indivuals buried in the Keith-Stringer Cemetery
The Keith family apparently spelled the name as Keath during this period.
Later indivuals used the Keith spelling.
Individuals buried in this cemetery, grouped by family:
Children of T. M. & N. Stringer buried in this cemetery, in order of birth:
George W.,   d. Sept 13, 1850  age 6y 6m 6d  [Born abt Mar 7, 1844]
Elizabeth S.,    d. Sept 6, 1849?  age 2y 2m 2d   [Born abt July 4, 1847]
Josephine   d. Sept 17, 1850  age 1y 4m 2d  [Born abt May 15, 1849]
Syntha J.,   d. Aug 20, 1854  age 1y 9m 2d  [Born abt July 18, 1852]
Infant s/o T. M. & N. Stringer  d. Aug 12, 1854  [probably born Aug 12, 1854 or shortly before]
Martha A.,  d. Sept 2, 1854 [age was in concrete, so I don't know when she was born]
Mary E.,  d. Sept 29, 1854   [age was in concrete, so I don't know when she was born]
Family of G. F. Keath:
Elizabeth w/o G. F. Keath  d. June 19, 1840  age 17y 7m 7d  [Born abt Nov 12, 1822]
Ray  s/o G. F. & N. M. Keath  d. July 5, 1843  age 11m 11d  [Born abt July 24, 1842, but not a child of Elizabeth]
Family of G. & D. Keath (whoever they were):
Ray  s/o G. & D. Keath  d. Jan 17, 1843  age 18y 2m 6d  [Born abt Nov 11, 1824]
According to Joe Case:
"G" is Gabriel Farrow Keath S Jr. - son of Gabriel Farrow Keath Sr., stone 8
"D" is Deborah Case Keath, sister of Moore Case & John Quinn Case, who are buried in the Case Cemetery
Family of Joseph Keath:
Delilah  w/o Joseph Keath  d. July 13, 1843 [age was in concrete, so I don't know when she was born]
And finally, the elder Keath, who was probably the grandfather of the Keath children buried here:
Gabriel Keath  d. Oct 26, 1833  age 52y 9m 1d  [Born abt Jan 25, 1781]
My conclusions on the families buried in this cemetery:
There are five children of T. M & N. Stringer buried here. The parents are not buried here. I don't know their names.
There are at least two, possibly three, Keath men whose first name started with a G.
Gabriel Keath was born about 1781, so the children buried here were probably not his, more than likely grandchildren.
Elizabeth Keath was likely the first wife of the G. F. Keath since she died 1840, at 17 years of age, and the 
children of G. F. Keath were born after that, and their mother was N. M. Keath.
There are two Ray Keath's in this cemetery, one the son of G. &. D. Keath, born 1824, and another the son of 
G. F. & N. Keath, born 1842. Its possible the earlier Ray was a son of the Gabriel Keath born in 1781, and the
later Ray Keath was a grandson or nephew of Gabriel Keath, and this latter Ray Keath's father's names also 
started with a G.
My guess would be that Gabriel Keath had at least three sons, Joseph, one with initials G. F. and another 
whose name started with a G.
I'm not sure how, or if, the Stringer family is related to the Keath family.