Map to Nancy Jeffries grave
Jackson Twp
39 51 18N Latitude; 86 46 09W Longitude
Go north on Co Rd425E at the east edge of the Roachdale Cemetery about 1/4 mile. Just after you
go across the old railroad track on 425E turn east into a cultivated field. Follow the south edge
of this field (just north of the old railroad). After about 1/8 mile the field narrows to about 30 feet.
This spot is very wet and can only be crossed when it is dry. After crossing this narrow spot, 
go northeast across the field to the far northeast corner. The tombstone of Nancy Jeffries is about 
50 feet north and 50 feet west of the far northeast corner of the field.
The field is not as square and regular as shown on the map, but it should help you find the grave.
There is only one stone here, that of Nancy Jeffries. The tombstone is in two pieces. The footstone
is also nearby. Family history indicates Nancy outlived all her children and asked to be buried here
because she liked the grove of trees here. Her children are supposed to buried somewhere nearby,
but not at this location. I haven't been able to locate their graves.
  Ravine     Ravine        Grove
  Field   Field  
  Old Railroad                           Old Railroad  
 Co Rd 425E
                            US 236