Map to Gillen Cemetery
  Pasture Cem
    Small branch      
fence     Meridian Line Road
  Pasture   fence  
House                   House     Co Rd 1100N  
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The Gillen Cemetery is about one mile west of Meridian Line Road on Co Rd 1100N.
There is a small pasture in between a brick house to the east and a small frame house to
the west. Both of these house are about 100 yards north of Co Rd 1100N.
Go north through the pasture between these two house to a branch. Go north of the branch
about 200-300 yards to a small hill to the northeast. The cemetery is at the top of this hill
about 50 yards west of the east fence, under a big elm tree.
There are four pipes about 4 inches in diameter sticking up out of the ground about three feet.
These pipes were propably the corner posts for a fence around the cemetery at one time.